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The Crying Groom, His Emotional Side of the Story…

Have you seen the viral video of the groom who cried upon the sight of his bride? This video has been circulating for few weeks now and it is exceptionally touching. To see a man shed such tears and emote such passion and joy on his wedding is something that you don’t forget. Well that man, Mr. Gabriel Deku told his side of the story, by recalling the various emotions he experienced the day he wed his bride Annabella. When I saw the clip, the movie ‘Best Man’ immediately came to mind & I have to admit I also wondered what he was thinking.

Gabriel’s words were: “At the time we met, I had given up hope on this whole love thing. I thought this idea of having a life partner who would love and respect me unconditionally was a story only told in movies. But I was wrong, true does exist!” Wow. I find it interesting that a man in his early 20’s had basically given up on ever finding love.

Huffington Post shares that Gabriel and Annabella were introduced by his best man Tolu four years ago at the University of Portsmouth, and their friendship eventually blossomed into something more. I am so happy it worked out for them and it seems to be the beginning of loving and magical journey. And for those of you that may not have found it yet, I wish you love as well. Don’t give up. Love is divine!

Congratulations again to Annabella and Gabriel Deku! Source



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