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Don’t Compare Your Life to Anyone’s Highlight Reel…

This weekend, I happened to come across two blog posts that were more real than anything I’ve read in a long time. The posts were written by Ashley Simpo and Josi Denise, women who had their lives perfectly posed and camera ready, yet were silently suffering behind the snaps. Ashley and Josi spoke about how they were dealing with much inner turmoil and struggle as people applauded their seemingly perfect lives. Finally, after so much pressure, they decided to expose their authentic selves, not caring about what anyone said or thought. I often say that comparison is the enemy to happiness.

As women we put undue pressure on ourselves to seem perfect or measure up to what we think the world wants to see, but at what cost? I know I have fallen prey to jealousy as I watch the highlight reels of people’s lives without knowing what’s really going on behind the scenes.

For example, most people love this picture of me. I am smiling and I look happy. You can see a trace of the ocean in the background, but I was dying inside. It was my 36th birthday dinner. A friend of mine took this photo immediately after the man I had been dating for a long time whispered in my ear that he had to leave my party & go to work. It was a lie & I knew it. I suspect he was going to be with another woman. This snap happened as my heart sunk. Everyone smiling isn’t happy & that’s perfectly ok, because they are human. Do not compare your life to anyone’s highlight reel!


Life is a series of beautiful, ugly, challenging, easy, hard, fun, sorrowful, exciting, boring, lovely, dark, painful and satisfying moments. And we certainly can’t tell it all on social media, nor should we. May your life moments be truly lived & experienced, beyond the photos that you show.

Do you have any photos that don’t tell the truth? Share them and the real story here.


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This entry was posted on May 31, 2016 by in Everything you want.
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