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Aunt Viv & Fiddy – Blame it on Bitterness!


Last night on Bravo the lovely Miss Vivica Fox decided to say something extremely snarky about her ex Fifty Cent. She basically insinuated that he had gay tendencies based on a magazine cover. He then clapped back with a number of rude comments on IG. Since these two are celebrities, we get to witness the drama unfold. This is extremely sad to me considering that Viv once said Curtis Jackson was the ‘love of her life‘. It always astounds me how people who once loved each other can speak so unkindly about each other a short time later. Have you ever found yourself thinking and speaking negatively about an ex to the various groups of folks who would listen for the umpteenth time? Have you ever put a status on social media meant for one person, but instead decided to include the masses with the hope that the object of your anger would catch wind of it? Yeah, me too. Until I realized that it solves nothing.

And I blame bitterness. Bitterness is why so many are still angry, hurt, and speaking negatively about those they once adored. Bitterness is why Vivica, Fifty, and countless others continue to be spew unkind words and negative opinions. I believe that all of these wacky behaviors could be resolved by four words: “I’m sorry. Forgive me.” When someone genuinely apologizes for their wrongs, and you truly forgive them, bitterness has no room to rest in your soul. Apologizing and forgiving sets your heart and mind free. Don’t be haunted by ghosts of relationships past! Has Fifty ever apologized to Vivica? Has she truly forgiven him? My spidey sense says no. But I sincerely hope they are able to come to a common ground and resolve their issues peacefully.

Sometimes things just don’t work out. There are marriages, relationships & friendships that don’t last a lifetime. Some people will let you down & you will let yourself down (shocker right?). So let the Aunt Viv/Fifty debacle be a cautionary tale.  Say I’m sorry if you owe someone an apology. Forgive someone you’ve held a grudge against. And by all means let it go! Your heart, mind, soul (and new love) will thank you.  Life goes on. And it will go on to be much BETTER if you release the bitter….

Peace & Love!

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