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Paula Deen to Mentor Black Boys? No Thank You…


Steve Harvey has a mentoring camp/program for Black young men whose mission is to “share and teach the principles of manhood and dream building to young men.” Each year over Father’s Day weekend, Steve Harvey opens his Dallas ranch to 100 fatherless teen boys for a mentoring camp. Throughout the weekend, Harvey teaches them the principles of manhood and provides mentorship by introducing them to positive male role models.

While I admire the vision of this camp, I have to question why Paula Deen was chosen to help? First, are there no Black (or at least non-racist) chefs willing to mentor the young men? Paula Deen is a known racist. Second, I thought they were supposed to be exposed to male role models. So, none of this makes sense to me.

Steve Harvey said he believes that there is good behind everything. And while I don’t disagree with that sentiment, I disagree with his choice to use Paula as a mentor. Perhaps she’ll train the boys to be servers at her next “Southern plantation wedding” complete with servers purposefully dressed to look like slaves…”

This is complete coonery on Steve’s part. I believe this show airs today if you care to watch it.

As Malcolm X says: “Only a fool would allow their enemy to educate their children.”


Photo credit: Steve Harvey Show


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