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Queen of Ratchet, Momma Dee & Brian McKee… A Couple?


Looks like the Queen of Ratchet has invited a new man to share her ghetto-throne… Brian McKee. I certainly hope this is a publicity stunt of some sort… I never did trust Brian McKee. He seems kind of sleazy & a user….  I wonder what Lil Scrappy has to say about this?

Now, according to Centric: “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” star Momma Dee & Brian McKee have hooked up.

The outspoken personality has recently been showing up on Instagram with fellow reality star Brian McKee (the estranged husband of “Hollywood Exes'” Andrea Kelly) and the pairing is raising a few eyebrows. While the pictures have been innocent enough, it’s the captions that have folks wondering if they’re the newest couple in Hollyweird.

“Enjoyed spending time at home, even the queen gets love,” read a photo captioned by Momma Dee. She appeared to be getting close with McKee at her Atlanta residence.

“Ain’t [Brian] sexy….:),” she captioned another photo of the pair.

Over on Twitter, Momma Dee referred to McKee as her “king” and added, “Inquiring minds wants to know he’s divorce and so am I.”

McKee uploaded the same two photos to his Instagram account and noted on one, “Chilln [sic] at mama dees house after dinner,she showed me so much love! She is hilarious and so down to earth!!!!”

There’s no telling what Momma Dee and McKee are up to, but they’ve certainly been given the green light with Kelly wiping her hands of the short-lived marriage.  


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