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Stephen A. Smith Suspended – It’s All in the Delivery…


Stephen Smith has been suspended from ESPN for a week due to his comments on domestic violence. I’ve said (and learned) over & over that the delivery of a message is just as important as the message itself. I think this will prompt Stephen to really think before he speaks.

Here is an excellent comment I received concerning the matter that I agree with 100 percent! Perhaps if Stephen had given his opinions in a manner like this, things would have turned out differently.

Firstly, violence solves nothing. 

Secondly, it’s wrong for any person to place hands on another person whether it be male to male, female to female, female to male, and/or male to female.

Thirdly. Words hurt. There is much power in them. It applies to my second point. Don’t use them in provocation. The result of those words are on the person that used them. Let me give you an example that contradicts the if a woman hits a man then a man can hit back.

If the man used words that provoked her enough to use violence, guess what, the man is wrong and he caused it. We are taught in church that our tongues can easily destroy our heart. If the heart is destroyed anything is likely.

Finally and most obviously. If no provocation was caused and one person struck the other, then the person who struck first is wrong.
Let’s not say just because he/she were only using words that does not give the right for the offended to become violent. THIS STATEMENT IS TRUE, but not fully if we don’t recognize the strength of causing pain by verbal assault. That’s why it’s called verbal assault. – Brandon C.

For anyone that may need help with domestic violence issues, please go The National Domestic Violence website or call 1-800-799-SAFE.

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