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Authenticity Is Beneficial… An Epiphany!


Very often when someone asks how you are, do you instinctively say ‘fine’?  Even when you are not? I think we are all guilty of this. But, I’ve realized that it’s good to be honest. It’s beneficial to let people know how you’re really doing. There is no harm in being authentic. Doing so allows you to release burdens and perhaps gain new insight.

Social media has made it extremely easy to be phony & pretend that all is perfect and well. But the people closest to you know the real story, the real you, the real challenges. And even if they don’t, you do. I have learned that it is ok to NOT be ok. You are entitled to feel what you feel, think what you think & be who you are in every moment. (Provided it doesn’t cause harm to others of course). Many times when I have had an issue and I was real about it, I received empathy and help. People feel closer and more connected to those that keep it real. Now this doesn’t mean to spill your life story to everyone you meet, but it does mean that you should gauge who can be trusted to hear your story and still protect your soul.

Understand that everyone is facing or has faced some type of battle. If you are authentic, someone just might have the answers you need as you go through yours. Today I hope that you have people with whom you can be completely open, vulnerable & transparent with. I hope that your life includes people who genuinely love you, despite your not-so-beautiful parts. You as much as everyone else deserves to be loved, nurtured & cared for.  To know & be known is wonderful thing.

Authenticity is the first step. Your heart will thank you.

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