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The 9 Lives of Katt Williams…


According to TMZ, Katt Williams pulled out a gun on a heckler at the Comedy Store in West Hollywood. Eyewitnesses told TMZ … Katt was inside the club when a heckler started talking smack about the comedian’s height and race.  We’re told Katt was not on stage … he was milling around.   An eyewitness says he went crazy, threatening the heckler with a gun. Source

Katt is one of my all time favorite comedians. But these past few years have been quite rough for him it seems… He keeps getting into all sorts of strange trouble and incidents. I certainly hope he is able to bounce back soon. Did you know he adopted 7 children? They were taken away in 2012 but returned to his care. All I know is we want the old Katt back! Remember this Pimp Chronicles? One of the best comedy shows ever!  Video below for your viewing and remembrance pleasure.


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