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Love & Hip Hop – The Ratchet Recap

Last night’s episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta was the usual ratchet humdinger of a show  Rasheeda flies to New Orleans with cast members Kalenna Harper and Karlie Redd, while Kirk is left home to babysit and starts to miss his wife during the 16 hours she’s been gone. He also gets into it with Rasheeda’s mother because he insists that his mother-in-law stop kissing her own grandson baby Karter & also proceeds to put his hand on her face and physically move it away (unacceptable). During the fake argument, Kirk let’s it slip out that he had a DNA test done to prove Karter was his. Rasheeda is  upset when she gets wind of the news while riding in a horse and carriage and New Orleans.


Kirk decides to make amends with his wife and ends up surprising her in New Orleans with a new wedding ring and promises, while she fake cries her way through the scene. Mind you not one tear fell from her eyes… I think these two are faking their whole story for the cameras and never broke up. How did this dude go from loving her dirty drawers one season to completely being an a** the next? Phony baloney!


Joseline and Stevie J are still fake married and with the same old nonsense. Fighting and making up. Oh, and she is planning a threesome for him if he acts like a good boy! (dumbness). However I find it mighty strange that he mentioned her ‘Solange-ing” him in one of the scenes? Wasn’t this show filmed way before the Jay-Z/Solange Met Gala incident? Something is very fishy there. The timing is off…

Meanwhile, Mimi Faust put Nikko on the curb after another she found lipstick on one of his shirts. She is still believes he leaked the sex tape but he won’t admit it. I think THEY leaked the tape together as a team effort to stay relevant.


Erica Dixon parts with her unemployed boyfriend, Oshea, who had the nerve to try and snatch money out of Erica’s hand after he got stranded on the highway because he ran out of gas. She has just confided to Scrappy that she was tired of paying for everything in the relationship. Her memorable quote of the night.  “A woman can only hand over her credit card so many times.”

And that’s today’s Ratchet Recap… Can this show get anymore fake? Me thinks not! And if by chance any of it is real, then I feel even more sorry for all parties involved.

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This entry was posted on June 17, 2014 by in Everything you want, Reality TV Tidbits.
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