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Kandi’s Wedding, Todd & Mama Joyce Beef…


On last night’s episode of Kandi’s wedding, Mama Joyce claimed that Todd was raised by a pimp and a prostitute. That is a terrible assassination of character, especially considering Todd’s father died when he was 3. Kandi seems unsure about Todd & his true intentions, otherwise why would she continuously bring up the rude things that Mama Joyce says?

After Kandi shared what her mother said, Todd basically warned her that this behavior and accusations from Mama Joyce needs to change. Just  like any normal man would!  Kandi seemed annoyed & taken aback by the notion. How does she expect Todd to react after hearing such unkind things about his parents? I believe Todd wants to mend fences with Kandi’s mom & rectify the drama, so we’ll see what happens as the wedding unfolds…

Do you think Mama Joyce is out of line? Do you think Todd’s reaction was righteous? Check out the video  clip and share your thoughts.


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