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Mona Scott Young – Under Fire for Sorority Sisters & Her Shocking Transformation!


Black Greeks are not impressed with Mona Scott Young’s latest reality series, Sorority Sisters.  From what I’ve read, this particular show painted the black college aged women in a bad light. The Sorority Sisters trailer highlighted members of the Black Greek Letter Organizations of Alpha Kappa Alpha, Delta Sigma Theta, Zeta Phi Beta and Sigma Gamma Rho. There was a 6 minute trailer online, that has been removed from online streaming services. A MoveOn.org petition was enacted by Reynoir Lewis and addressed to Viacom’s president and CEO Phillipe Dauman and President Barack Obama.   Source

As I have shared before, folks are tired of the foolishness. Can we get some positive and noteworthy reality TV content, please and thank you! Mona has made her money exploiting ratchet behavior & perpetuating stereotypes, so I am glad that someone is standing up to the tomfoolery.

On another note, I had no idea how much Mona has transformed over the years. The picture on the left was taken in 2008 and the one the right is more recent. She looks completely different. Perhaps in her attempts to ‘beautify & upgrade’ herself (though she looked fine before), she should consider beautifying & upgrading her content to reflect better images. Now that’s what really needs a makeover! IJS.


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