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Pre-nup or Shut-up? Thoughts Inspired by Andrea Kelly & Brian McKee Marriage Drama. And a poll!


Last night’s episode of Hollywood Exes revealed that some of Andrea’s friends had concerns about her marrying Brian too fast… They all wanted to know if she would get a pre-nup (1:16) which she seemed to be adamantly against. Now that their marriage is on the rocks, I wonder if she thinks she should have listened to her friends and family? Allegedly Brian was caught asking other women for money. Andrea filed for divorce.  However, he is now trying to work on the marriage. “We’re working things out, at least my desire is to work things out and pull things together and just try to rebuild if at all possible,” he told Sister 2 Sister.

Which brings me to my point. When a person is in love they are sometimes blind to flaws and/or unwilling to see them objectively. The glow of romance usually washes over common sense. Not so much with your loved ones.  Since friends or family are not intimately involved, they can usually see what the person in love cannot see… They will spot red flags a mile away.  I believe that for the most part, F&F have your best interest at heart. They desire to see you happy & fulfilled and won’t steer you wrong (unless they are crazy or jealous which is another subject). From last night’s episode, I can tell that everyone was genuinely concerned about Drea moving too fast. No matter what, I know Ms. Andrea Kelly will be just fine.


So my question is, would you listen to the counsel and advice of your loved ones when it comes to matters of the heart? Could it be that their knowledge will possibly save you from a world of hurt? I am very particular about this myself. I will always tell the truth, if I am asked. If there is constant drama & foolishness in the relationship of a loved one, prior to marriage, then I will tell my opinion if asked! Now, we all know that a person in love may not want to hear it, but you can let your thoughts be known. Also, if I don’t really agree with a union of two people, I most likely will not attend their wedding. The reason is because as a wedding guest you are confirming that not only agree with the covenant, but that you will do whatever it takes in your power to keep the marriage together. That’s a serious undertaking. A wedding is about way more than cake, lace and partying. Many people take it much too lightly. Marriage is sacred & sadly it’s been tainted.

As far as pre-nups,  I completely understand why some would do it.  Divorce can be nasty and very ugly. I would not want one for myself, but I am kind of an old fashioned gal…

Participate in this poll & share your thoughts. You know you want to…  🙂


3 comments on “Pre-nup or Shut-up? Thoughts Inspired by Andrea Kelly & Brian McKee Marriage Drama. And a poll!

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