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I Love Your Smile – Flex & Shanice are coming to OWN!


First things first, CHEERS to some non-ratchet reality TV coming our way via OWN! Flex & Shanice’s reality show will air on OWN  starting on May 31st. I have always loved this couple. Actor/Comedian Mark “Flex” Alexander Knox and singer Shanice Lorraine Wilson have been married since 2000. The couple have two children: a daughter Imani Shekinah ,7, and a son named Elijah,4. It’s wonderful to see that they are still together and happily so!

I feel like I grew up with these two as they have been a major part of my teenage years via music & television.  I’m definitely tuning in! Will you be watching?

And now for nostalgia’s sake…



One comment on “I Love Your Smile – Flex & Shanice are coming to OWN!

  1. Vincent @vinniej87
    January 12, 2015

    It’s cool to see what Flex & Shanice have been up to over the years. I feel that Flex&Shanice is one of the few positive Reality Shows since Run’s House. The Braxton’s Family Values is another good one. Fun Show! http://www.vinniej.com/blog/video-flex-shanice-is-a-positive-tv-show


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