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What’s Wrong With Marriages In Movies? An Epiphany!


Have you ever watched a movie and wondered how the cantankerous couple in the film really stayed together? The woman is bitter & mean, while the man has become non-chalant and uncaring. Yet, somehow they make it work in the end. After movies like this people leave with the general consensus that those toxic relationship dynamics would never fly in real life. Well Seth Rogen gets it.  He is starring in the new movie Neighbors.

Seth said the original draft of the script included a humorless, nagging wife, but after sharing it with his real life wife, Lauren Miller she told him that it was unrealistic & perhaps the on-screen formula of bad marriage should change. They decided that the couple in Neighbors should actually get along, really like each other, and (gasp) have fun. Now I haven’t seen the movie yet but this article makes me want to do just that. 

“Again, in movies they like to portray marriage like, ‘Oh the wife and husband are always arguing and bickering,'” he said. “For me and my wife…the easiest part of my life is my marriage. Like if everything was as smooth and easy and fun as my relationship with my wife then I would have a much easier time getting through the day. We really get along and we like the same stuff.” – Seth Rogen

Sounds exactly the way a healthy, happy relationship should… don’t you think?

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Seth Rogen and wife Lauren Miller

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