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Miranda Bowden – Why Write?

mcFunny thing about writers – our pens never stop, even when no one is reading… All of our ideas, thoughts and creativity are often stored away, waiting for the day of their full release. This is why we write.  I am pleased to announce that a wonderful friend of mine, Miranda Bowden has decided to release her works and give us a glimpse into sheer creative genius.  Wise. Loving. Strong. Intelligent. Fly. Beautiful. And, amazingly hilarious is my fellow writing Queen. Please visit her website and get ready to be deliciously entertained…

Miranda Bowden

Most people would think or imagine something for a moment then move on, in a writers mind it develops with a plot, scenes, a twist ending and a villain. 

I used to think storytellers were just great liars… now I think they are just crazy. – Miranda Bowden

2 comments on “Miranda Bowden – Why Write?

  1. Troy Thomas
    March 6, 2014

    I must celebrate my dear sister… I’ve watched her passion and talent grow into full blown art. As she realized her gift, she also pushed others to go for theirs. Including myself. Today we celebrate a stepping stone with her website. Tomorrow it’ll be something bigger and better.


  2. John Calvin Byrd III
    March 7, 2014

    Cant wait to read…


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