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Just Live & Be…

I had an in-depth conversation last night that began with me asking a series of questions.  Questions, that I really didn’t need or want the answers to. Quite simply because if the answers didn’t match the script in my head, then I would probably end up disappointed. So, knowing this, instead of answering my questions (which were truthfully quite silly), there was nugget of wisdom offered instead. “Just live and be...” Simple right? Many of us can benefit from putting this basic truth into practice. The fact is, even the best laid plans may have to be altered. We can plan everything down the smallest detail & still have to change at any moment. Planning leads to expectations, which are essentially fine. But what about when things don’t turn out as planned or expected? We tend to feel let down.

This is why I often say we should let life surprise us.  Have you ever been wonderfully surprised by something you did not plan? I have. Allow circumstances to happen in the right timing, because it is then that you will fully appreciate, cultivate, and maintain whatever has been given.

As a person of great faith, I sometimes have great frustration. My frustration comes from believing that God can & will do it, but He hasn’t yet. Frustration comes when I feel I am no closer today than I was yesterday. However, let me offer you this core truth, whatever God promises, He always performs… It is good to plan, but greatness comes with patience. After all, you cannot rush God, others, or even yourself.  “Just live and be...”




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This entry was posted on March 4, 2014 by in Everything you want.
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