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3 Reasons I LIKE Facebook & why you should too!

ImageFor my birthday, I posted a message on Facebook asking everyone to share their favorite memory of/with me. Truly one of the smartest Ideas I’ve ever had. It was a sentimental thrill to see myself through the eyes of the people I care about. One of my favorites was from my aunt Sandra. She wrote, “As a toddler, you were a big fan of Big Bird so I got you this stuffed Big Bird almost as big as you were. When I handed it to you, you just let it drop on the floor. You wanted nothing to do with it. That, and your incessant talking as a child”  That memory tickled me pink, especially since I still talk incessantly (smile) & I still like Big Bird. This is just one example of why I love Facebook. Here are three more.

1. Facebook helped me feel closer to loved ones. I don’t get to spend as much time with my family & friends as I’d like. We are usually limited to holidays or special occasions. Facebook allows me the opportunity to look into parts of their lives that I would otherwise miss. It also gives me a glimpse into their thoughts. There is something incredibly special about seeing what others are feeling & thinking at any given moment. Consequently, you can do the same. When you can share in a laugh or a cry with your loved ones, (even virtually) you bond. And, of course Facebook is much faster than calling everyone & telling them what’s on your mind. Plus, there are lots of great pictures (Throwback Thursday anyone?).

2. There’s tons of Social Media PDA. Sounds weird right? But that’s exactly what’s happening when you see a couple sharing goofy messages about each other, BFF’s posting their warm & funny sentiments, or parents gushing about what their adorable toddler just said. I like to think of Facebook as a virtual gathering place where you can experience the love and joy of others, while also sharing some of your own.

3. Facebook is the information, entertainment & inspiration highway. The FB newsfeed is a wealth of good stuff. I can get the some educational content, or an amazing article about relationships. I can follow my favorite stylist and get some good ideas. Or even some juicy information that may be random and useless, but amusing nonetheless. Most importantly, I can participate and witness various forms of shenanigans! Either way, I am always entertained on Facebook. The fun never ends on FB. facebook_like_buton

All in all, I like that Facebook does exist. It is a place to vent, share, laugh, challenge, question & quite simply enjoy. It’s really in how you choose to use it or view it. See you on Facebook!

*Bonus tip: How not to use social media

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