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I Give Thanks for Giving!


I recently heard a wonderful quote. “I give thanks for giving”.  It’s a simplistic yet profound statement. The ability to give is what brings more joy. The ability to help others out of your time, resources, energy & efforts is what generates profound happiness. I give thanks for the ability to give. Because it means that I have something worth sharing. It means that I have something to offer and the capability of doing so…

So starting today & all season long. Let us give thanks for giving. And we start by remembering those less fortunate. Maybe you can dig a little deeper and give the homeless person (or a friend in need) an extra dollar. Or, pick up the phone and encourage someone. Perhaps your giving will be extending forgiveness, reconciling a broken relationship, or spending some time with those relatives that quite possibly work your last nerve. (smile). Whatever the case, giving varies from person to person. Let’s resolve to give a little more of ourselves, our hearts, and our love to those in need. I promise that you will feel just wonderful.

Today, I give thanks for giving. And I give thanks for you. Happy Thanksgiving.


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