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An Unexpected Source Left a Lasting Imprint on My Heart…

Mother and Daughter (Models, not actual people in story)

A few years ago I attended a conference at large church that was for women of all ages.  The information was biblical,  practical and encouraging. I was particularly inspired by a young woman who shared her phenomenal strategies for full & abundant living. She was so bright and relatable that she helped me to feel that I was not alone in my journey as a Christian young woman.

She had just gotten engaged  & spoke very briefly about her upcoming wedding. You could tell she was bubbling over with happiness. Her Mother was also a speaker at the conference.  I admired how close they were and I enjoyed their loving Mother/Daughter dynamic. They adored each other. You could see that this Mother was proud of Daughter. You could tell that they were also friends. This warmed my heart.

 I left the conference energized, happy & particularly in awe of the beautiful Mother/Daughter duo. A few months after that conference, the Daughter got married. I was not a member of the church however, I was closely connected to some of the people who attended the wedding.  I was told that it was truly an exquisite and elegant wedding…  filled with love, laughter, happiness and an abundance of romance. 

But sadly tragedy struck… Six months after her wedding date, the Daughter died, suddenly.  People were shocked and obviously filled with sorrow.  I did not attend the funeral, but it was said that she was buried in her wedding gown.  Everyone, including her new husband & Mother spoke of her love and amazing sweet spirit. Her Mother was particularly grief-stricken, as expected.  Daughter had just began a new chapter in life and now she was gone… I hurt for her.

Since the years following, I have run into the Mother. She is still very active in her church but I have seen her at the most random places.  At the grocery store, at political functions, you name it.  I have seen her everywhere. I always say hello & call her by name.  She still doesn’t know mine but she always smiles with warm familiarity and a bubbly greeting.  There was even a time that I found a bible at an event & when I opened it, I recognized the Mother’s name, and ran after her to return it.  She was grateful. 

So,  in my heart I have wonder why I continue to run into this precious lady. A lady who has always stayed in my heart & prayers after the loss of her daughter. I’ve decided that next time I see her, I will introduce myself & let her know that she has always been in my thoughts. Perhaps she will appreciate that.

I know one thing for sure, when I see her I am always filled with gratitude. Gratitude for being alive, gratitude that I still have my own mother and most of all, gratitude in seeing that with God’s help you can get through the darkest of seasons with grace and joy, as this woman has continued to model. She has left a lifetime imprint on my heart. She is a living inspiration to me, even from afar.

Have you ever run across someone who left a positive imprint in your life, even from afar? Share your story!

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