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Walking in Purpose -TD Jakes & Oprah – DYNAMIC DUO! Plus, a free workshop with Jasmine!

Bishop T.D. Jakes and Oprah WinfreyLast nights Oprah’s Lifeclass was phenomenal.  The show featured TD Jakes speaking about Living with Purpose.  Lately there seems to be a great need for people to find their purpose.  I have always noticed that people without purpose are usually bored, frustrated, and complacent (or complaining). However, people who are about their purpose are usually energized, happy, passionate and productive!

When you are busy living your dream & doing what you love your life is enriched & you are fullfilled. Remember, purpose in your life changes based on seasons. What is important today may change… But as long as you are consistently pursuing your purpose and passion, you will live your best life! (As Oprah would say).

Click here to watch last night’s the full Oprah’s Lifeclass.

Here are some quotes from the show that I loved…

Your passion can lead to your purpose. So if you can’t figure out your purpose—can you list three things you daydream about on slow days at work or while in the carpool lane? -TD Jakes

You can’t have a private relationship in a public arena. Don’t seek to be understood by the world. You’re going to be dead before you’re fully understood. Haters are a part of the process. Go after your dream.”    —T.D. Jakes

Awaken to the highest, fullest expression of yourself. I believe that’s why we’re all here in this moment. I believe everyone who is here has been called. There is a reason you are here. When you leave this earthly plane, you want to be able to say, I did that thing”—Oprah

“For all of us, life isn’t getting any longer. It’s getting shorter. The time to seize the moment and the day is now.”—Oprah

And now (drumroll please), there is a free workshop for those of you in the Los Angeles (or surrounding) areas…. LIFT Strategist, Jasmine Carmelle Johnson, will be hosting a free productivity workshop at the Ladera Center Starbucks,  (April 11, 2012) from 3-5pm! Jasmine will help you define your purpose & passion, prioritize what matters most, get unstuck and increase your productivity. You do not want to miss this amazing, informative and FREE workshop.  Please come and get LIFTED! See the flyer below  for details! (Click to enlarge).


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