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Hot off the press! Firefighters Donate their Mega Millions Winnings to their Fellow Brother…

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Real Firemen! Not the actual Alburquerque Firefighters

Anybody that knows me knows that I LOVE firemen. Young, older, tall, short, Black, White, Latino, Asian, Persian,  whatever…. I love them ALL.  I can spot a fireman miles away, even outside of uniform. Don’t ask me how, its truly a gift.

So I was especially thrilled when I read the article that Albuquerque Station firefighters who won a $10,000 share of the Mega Millions jackpot last week have decided to donate an unspecified part of their winnings to fellow fireman Vince Cordova. Cordova is suffering from a life-threatening tumor on his brain.  He is going to have a surgery that will cost several hundred thousand dollars.  

Part of their press release read: 

Our contribution was inspired by the bold advocacy and selfless generosity exhibited by so many in our membership, and by our sincere desire to help our Brother Vince Cordova and his family, OUR family, in this time of crisis.

Ah… So perhaps that’s what I truly love about firemen! They are consistently putting their lives on the line to save & serve others. Even outside of their profession, these men are sacrificing for their fellow brother. (And those arms aren’t so bad either). They are using their winnings to help someone in need. That is selfless. Who doesn’t love a man like that? 

Maybe I’ll bake some treats and pay a visit to my local firehouse soon 🙂

You can read more about these amazing Albuquerque Firefighter gentlemen here:

Real Firemen. (not the actual Albuquerque Firefighters)


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