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Where Do Broken Hearts Go?

Image DetailBroken hearts happen to everyone from time to time. Broken hearts are sometimes a result of our own choices or the choices of someone else, but either way a broken heart hurts. The most likely (and most used) way to get rid of a broken heart is time.  But the best way to eliminate a broken heart is by paying attention to the truth. Not an image or a mirage but the truth. Don’t ignore RED FLAGS. There are times when it is glaringly obvious that someone doesn’t truly belong in your life (at least not in the box you wish to place them). Pay attention to behaviors, words and character. When it isn’t right, do not move forward. Don’t let a few good qualities or their cute appearance keep you from being authentic to what you know and feel.

What you do with a broken heart is what matters most. Love never fails. But we often fail love. There are some friendships/relationships that unravel over time, and while everything was all good in the beginning, the end does come. That is okay. Some people only belong in your life for a set period of time. Get the gift of goodbye. Because guess what? When its time for them to go, they are leaving, whether you want them to or not… I am the first to admit that it is not easy & you will feel the pain, but after pain comes freedom! Trying to hold on or stick around only builds up more resentment & rejection on both parts. I have learned over the course of my life that when one door closes, God will open 2 or 3 in it’s place. This has happened to me over and over. I have even  had certain people tell me “you deserve better than me” And while I didn’t want to believe it at the time, I knew in my heart that they were right. It’s wasn’t that they were bad people, it was simply that they could not provide me with a fulfilling relationship.  Don’t be afraid to let go. Never allow anything or anyone to stop you from loving. Love is the very essence of life. This is a mantra I live by: God HIMSELF IS LOVE and because I am made in His image I am love, so I carry love with me everyone I go and to every person I meet. The same goes for you.

Where do broken hearts go? They heal, but only if you allow them to. Your heart doesn’t have to stay broken. Love will always regenerate itself. Allow yourself the freedom to love again and to be happy again. Feel the initial pain and release it, when it comes back to visit you (and it will) feel it again and release it. Life is a series of lessons, how fast you learn is up to you. Cry if you must, then laugh. Why? Because, there is someone who is deserving of your heart, someone who will cherish it and treat you with real love, loyalty, kindness, and respect. Broken hearts can heal and grow back, stronger, better and most importantly wiser.

And, if you haven’t heard it today… I love you!

Enjoy Whitney… Again:)

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