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Let it Go!

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Lately, I have run across so many people who are holding onto grudges and disappointment from their pasts, and losing out on fantastic new opportunities because of it.  Unforgiveness is the reason. Now, I am the first to admit the topic of forgiveness isn’t an easy one… There are times when you might feel that it is too hard to forgive.  Everyone faces betrayal, hurt, disappointment, sorrow and rejection at times.  If not properly handled, painful incidents can cause  negative emotions to fester into bitterness & unforgiveness which in turn, may lead to emotional, mental and sometimes physical trauma. However, when you forgive you release the prisoner from its prison, and the prisoner is you

In the past couple of years, I have heard such amazing and miraculous stories of forgiveness that it helped me realize that any and all little grudges I held could be forgiven. There comes a time when you simply have to let it go.  It will take time. It may even take outside help or counseling, but I promise once you let it go, you experience freedom and peace. Don’t ever let the pain of  your past keep you from enjoying a much better, brighter future. You can love, live, and laugh again, but first you must Let it Go!

TD Jakes has a life-changing tour going on right now called Let It Go… In these meetings, Bishop Jakes shares his insights on forgiveness and dealing with disappointment. Check out this clip: Bishop Jakes: Let it Go!

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