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Follow the Host & Experience the Delicious…

I once heard a wonderful Pastor talk about an exquisite dining experience he had while on vacation. He and his wife were visiting Atlanta and the person that was their hosting  took them to a famous restaurant owned by a renowned chef. The Pastor went on to share that the meal was one of the best he had ever eaten.  He said that the meal rated in his top five meals of all time and that it was so delicious he fasted the next day because he wanted to relish the experience.  

 While on their third day in Atlanta, the Pastor decided to go the seafood restaurant owned by the same chef. Now mind you their Host never mentioned this restaurant at all. The Pastor thought it was sure to be just as good as the previous restaurant they visited.  Sadly,  it was not.  He said the meal was flavorless not the least bit enjoyable.  He went on to mention that when he followed the recommendation of the host that lived in Atlanta, he was extremely pleased, but when went on his own whim, not knowing much about the restaurant, he was sadly disappointed.

And so it is with our lives. When we follow our Host – Jesus, we are led into opportunities that will surpass our wildest dreams.  When we trust the One who knows us best, we will always experience the amazing.  However, when we go off on our whims and try to do things on our own, or out of season it will sometimes yield bad results.  We often get anxious and impatient. We think God is not moving fast enough on our behalf.  Anxiousness will cause you to sin. Or, we are afraid and untrusting. We think His way will cause us to lose out on something we only think we want or need.

Sometimes it will not even be a sinful thing that you are following. You may have a dream or an idea that is good, but the timing may not be.  You may have a desire that is burning within you but it the season for it has not arrived. Have you ever eaten fruit out of season? It is often not very tasty. 

It is important for us to follow our Host and let Him lead us completely. He knows exactly where we need to be and when. He knows exactly who, what and why as well.  When you follow Him, life is delicious and He has got some wonderful things reserved just for you!

For He satisfies the thirsty and fills the hungry with good things. Psalms 105:9

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